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Saturday 29th July 23

The Manchester 17 - Wobblers Trial

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 Observer list here

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2nd July 2023      The Manchester 17

Dave Rowland Trial

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24th June 2023

Dead Easy Trial results here


28th May 2023 Staffs Moorlands Trial at Manor Steps results here


Doreen Rowland died 27 April click here for more info


Dead Easy Trial

13th May 2023 Results here and Picture here also see


 Dead Easy Trial 8th April 2023

Results here

Pictures here


Harry Bowyer receives his Frank Lever award for 2022 at the Tower Trial.


Tower Charity Trial 2nd April 2023:

 Results here

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Observer and who did what list here


25th March 2023

NDYMCC - Bemrose results here

pictures here


3 Mousketeers Spotted at our trials committee meeting - 26 Jan click on picture for full size image


15th Jan 2023

 Manchester 17 - Fisher Trial

Results  here

Pictures here

Observers list here

(Carl pictured observing on S8 at Cumberland at the 2022 Northern Experts)

Carl Horne who was the observer on S11 until he was 'taken out' by a rider less bike wants all to know he's OK although has a 'rejoining fracture' of his knee. Get well soon mate.


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