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Please help us protect your rights to trail ride. Without rights of way trail riding cannot take place and this particular means of enjoying the countryside will be forever lost.



Posted 2 May- replacing original 29 April 2021 post

Greetings folks, another request for User Evidence.

We have been advised that the Definitive Map Modification Order claim for Uppermoor Farm Lane, in the parish of Parwich,  to be formally recognised as a Byway Open to All Traffic is now being considered.

Although the route is an Adopted highway it currently has no formal classification status. Routes classified as a BOAT would have a public right of way to travel over them by motor vehicles.

To support the original claim we need User Evidence Forms from riders/drivers, especially for the 1984 - 2004 period, records of your earlier or later use would still be welcomed. If you know others who used the route please ask them to complete the forms too.

Your UEF must also include your signed copy of the official consultation map, marked up with the route as ridden/driven by you to personalise it. Your completed documents must be signed, dated and emailed before 21st May 2021 direct to DCC quoting DCC ref: 25356;  Hannah.Roberts@derbyshire.gov.uk 

Remember to keep a scanned copy for your records and please send an additional copy to us so that we can record it and keep it for use in any future public inquiry. Our usual address;  ue_derbyshire@glass-uk.org

The documents for you to download and complete are here:

Uppermoor Consultation plan, Blank user evidence form, Boat DMMO information document

Please help us to keep the lanes open for all to use.

Thank you.



Posted 5 April 2021


Greetings folks, just to give you advance advice that the river crossing at Algreave, Owler’s Bar, has had an official diversion sign and temporary fence erected. The reason behind the diversion is that the now 'closed' to motorists section is actually Wildboarclough FP38.

I know that the shorter crossing has been used by some for years but now things have changed. Please stay to the official route and do not give the antis any ammunition to propose closure of this iconic ford.

Thanks. TTFN.

Added by Mr P: this is the ford known in trials as Worsleys Wash (after Chris Worsley who was a club stalwart for many years until the 1980's you can see him complete with footing coat and gas mask bag in our video here of our snowy 1968 Boxing Day Trial at  Booth Farm)

Posted 12 March 2021

Lake District Green Lane Alliance - February Newsletter - rebuttal

Greetings again folks,

Unfortunately there isn't a specific website for this type of message but please feel free to download a copy of the file (here) and distribute it as far and as wide as you possibly can.

We need to ensure that the truth is told as the people behind the Lake District Green Lane Alliance (an anti motorist group in the Lake District) are mostly the same as those of Peak Horse Power (PHP) and GLEAM (Green Lanes Environmental Action Movement). The same mouths present the same half truths and downright lies no matter who the audience. They are devious and deceitful, well educated academically, eloquent and passionate about their cause no matter how hurtful, alienating and division making it is. They are not prepared to accept compromise and they will not rest until they have closed down all motorists' right to use green lanes plus motor sport on private land, yes even trials events.

I have put the attached file on two other motorcyclists' websites too. I know that the opposition read all of our posts, fine but would they please do the honourable thing and not miss quote us but adopt a mindset to work with us for the benefit of all and stop wasting public funds on vicarious claims.

Peak & Derbyshire Vehicle User Group (PDVUG) and Green Lane Association (GLASS) seek to find ways by which all users including ramblers, cyclists, horse riders, carriage drivers, 4X4 plus motorcyclists may take advantage of the routes.






Posted 20 February 2021

Greetings all,

Lockdown is driving (sorry for the pun) us all a bit stair crazy looking for things to do. Well, perhaps you might not have yet completed your user evidence for the lanes still currently under threat?

'Covid' is preventing formal meetings such as Public Inquiries into route classifications but I have no doubt that as soon as possible we will be drawn into the fight again. Our Team has been reviewing our (your) evidence packs and we think it would be beneficial to have more to prove our collective use, especially for the twenty years from the 1980s. Earlier and/or later is fine but it does not fit in to the requirements of the specification required by the Inspector.

Please, if you or somebody you know had used the lanes around Taddington particularly New Lane and/or Broadway and Bulltor Lanes then would you contact our coordinating team at;


We need your input to keep these routes open for all users, they are wide enough for safe flow of users to pass each other, have a good ground base and views that are superb so thank you to those who have already been in contact. TTFN





Posted 6 February 2021 (this is about the posts dated 13 and 11 January below)

Thank you to all who wrote to SCC and requested that the two routes be kept open for all users, just has as it historically has always been in the past. The Consultation has closed and we shall have to wait and see what SCC propose to do next.






Posted 13 January 2021


Greetings, over the past few days I have been asked by a number of motorised green lane users, not off-roaders, for guidance as to the completion of the consultation regarding the proposed repairs to Swan & Limers Rakes. The form should be completed personally, in full, noting that sections 1 through to 7 inclusive are mandatory but complete them all.


My advice is the need to bear in mind that this consultation is not about status change nor anything to do with Traffic Regulation Orders, it is simply about the condition to which the two routes should be repaired. I fully support the ideas of repairs, after years of neglect, but the combination of users of the roads should not solely be blamed for the current poor condition. The routes are public carriageways, but not major highways, so the standard of repairs should be appropriate to be sustainable for all legal users.


Various organisations will be responding on behalf of their Members, we are simply recording as an individual and as such that should be entered in the section marked ‘other.’. It is irrelevant that one may or may not be a Member of any organisation and so again our response should be recorded as an ‘individual’.


We motorcyclists respect and encourage all users to avail themselves of the countryside but for the future we are especially concerned for motorised access to be a priority.


How far one travels to visit the area is personal and related solely to the distance from one’s home to Hollinsclough, where we would welcome to meet and share with all other users.


I ask all motorised users to personally complete their form having regard solely to appropriate repairs;

Staffs County Council Consutation form here



Stay safe.








Posted 11 January 2021

Greetings folks, you may have read elsewhere that Staffordshire CC are conducting a 'consultation' regarding Limers & Swann Rakes at Hollinsclough.

Please respond to Staffs CC as suggested above (posted 13 Jan).

Please pass this message on to our friends.





Posted 15 December 2020

Greetings feet up fans, ’Tis the season to be jolly’ - but not to be silly.

I am not being a Mr Scrooge trying to spoil folks cheer, just a gentle ‘reindeer’ that we need the goodwill of the farming and countryside communities to pursue our sport and hobbies.

We all love playing in the snow and the views around the Peak District are so magical to experience when covered in snow or simply a hard frost, however even Santa has to be careful because despite his magic powers he still cannot see what might be lurking under the friendly soft looking snow.

Sure, a great laugh to fall in to soft snow but out on the lanes there could well be a rather solid grumpy old rock just waiting for a rib or two to land on it. Hurts to laugh after one of those has had a go at your sternum or shoulder.

It is also wise and respectful to stay to the actual route and not wander off piste. Making snow donuts might seem harmless enough but the reality is that it rips up the land making it even harder for farmers to feed their animals, plus now is the time that the grasses are growing ready for spring and if we go riding inconsiderately the crop will fail leaving just mud which is not nice for us to look at nor for beasts to feed on when spring arrives.

So please, have fun days out riding but stay to the routes.





Posted 10 May 2020

Heild End, Burntcliffe Top, Eagle & Child green lane route.

Greetings folks,

I was in conversation with one of the farmers up at Heild Lane and he asked that I express his gratitude to all the motorcyclists who have been courteous in riding the route over the past couple of years.

Unfortunately, however very recently some misguided people have been going up there and have been creating problems in the locality. As a consequence of this limited but serious behaviour he told me that reluctantly in the near future he intends to partially block the access but he will be leaving enough room for motorcyclists and mountain bikers to get through.

As we already know only vehicles classed as motorcycles may use the route because of the ‘old’ Cheshire TRO.

I am proud to say that in general we motorcyclists and 4X4 users are very welcome in the general area. I am sure that we can all appreciate that acknowledgement especially for when the Covid 19 lockdown ends and we can get back to normal.






Posted 28th April 2020

Greetings folks,

A quick thank you to all those who have already sent us their completed User Evidence Form/s and map/s for Broadway & Bull Tor lanes plus the adjacent route of New Lane at Priestcliffe (Taddington) see post 5th March below.

  Our numbers are impressive but we could benefit from a few more especially from those who used the route during the 1980s, plus any up to 2004. You could have been a rider or passenger or even travelled in a car or 4X4 vehicle.

 Part of the problem is that DEFRA has discarded its previous Guidance to Inspectors so there is no real quantitive figure to show presumed dedication by use. Yes, we do have proof of such use but extra numbers would certainly assist to prove one of our points.

 Please complete two forms (click here (you need to print this twice one for Broadway/Bull Torr and one for New Lane) and here) and send them direct to our coordinator team;  ue_Derbyshire@glass-UK.org




Posted 5th March 2020


In 2004 a fellow motorcyclist submitted a Definitive Map Modification Order to have New Lane, Priestcliffe classified as a BOAT. This claim is now being processed by Derbyshire County Council (DCC).

I have attached a blank copy of DCC's PDF User Evidence Form (click here)  plus their click for relevant map (click here).

If you have driven/ridden this route pre 2004, then please download and complete the forms, saving a master copy for your records, don't forget to highlight colour your route on to the map plus sign and date it too. Perhaps you may know of somebody else who rode the route but has now ceased to be active, if so please get them to record their use back then too.

Just so that our Team can correlate the submissions into a single batch please send your documents not to DCC but to;






Posted 27th December 2019

Success! Yes, in Derbyshire too, despite the doom and gloom of some we have had success.

After a hard-fought Public Inquiry in November the TRF, GLASS and PDVUG team put the case for Pindale Road, Castleton, being a public carriageway. The independent inspector threw out the Peak Horsepower claim that the route was a bridleway and confirmed the order route as a Byway Open to All Traffic. The decision was aided by User Evidence, local knowledge of the history of the route and to those who attended the inquiry. This shows that a concerted effort by the user groups can protect our ancient rights to drive byways and unclassified roads, despite the discriminative and unfounded claims of bridleway rights and ‘public nuisance’ by anti-motoring pressure groups like GLEAM and PHP. 





Posted 2nd November 2019

Greetings, in case you might not know the BBC 'Countryfile Autumn Diaries', Friday 1st November, showed a program about vehicular Green Lane use in the Lake District specifically related to two routes. If you have not seen the program then may I suggest that you take a look.

 The interviewer and two of her interviewees made sweeping negative and unsupported statements against folk using perfectly legal vehicles on motorised Rights of Way. Only the representative from Cumbria CC gave any neutral evidential evidence. Noticeable by their absence were the TRF and GLASS, presumably not having been invited. It is clear to me that the BBC is again presenting a bias against recreational motorists and therefore may I request that if you agree with me that the program is biased then would you register a complaint. It takes only a few minutes of your time, go to: https://www.bbc.co.uk/contact/complaints


Posted 21st October 20 19



Invitation to you to join the PDVUG Open Day, Saturday next, 26th October. We will be in the Eyre Arms at Calver from around 12:30 and would be pleased to meet up with you. Plenty of banter and advice on hand from local activists, we will be displaying TrailWise 2 and trying our best to answer your questions



TTFN Hugh.


Last week I attended and addressed the Public Inquiry into Callow Bank, Hathersage. It was proposed to make the route a Bridleway unless we could show evidence of legal dedication or sufficient evidence of motorists proving "Presumed Dedication" by supplying User Evidence. Unfortunately there was very little evidence for the latter claim so I am rather pessimistic about the outcome.

This lack of evidence is a real hindrance to our keeping the majority of the iconic routes that we have used for many years. It is vital that we collect more evidence before the next PI regarding the route at Over Haddon where it crosses the river Lathkill. We also need evidence of use for Broadway Lane leading along Bulltor Lane at Taddington. You could help by recording your use or getting others that you know have ridden them. For Over Haddon we are looking for evidence from 2000, the other lanes from around 1980s. Please contact our coordinator at;


Posted 21st August 2019

Good news folks, another rider has come forward to give evidence from the 1980s. We still need more Broadway/ Bulltor Lane riders & drivers though. Those few that we have will assist but we seriously do need more of you.

Video to remind you of the route;

We ask that you email our team, who will send you a user evidence form to complete which can be sent back to us for correlation - then we will pass the forms on to DCC as a bundle. Before you write anything down please contact our dedicated help line and give them your contact details, then they will send you a form;

Another route that we urgently need your help with is that which runs from Back Lane, Conksbury, just north of Youlgreave. The route passes through the farm yard and field at Meadow Place Grange to finally exit across the ford and up the hill just below Over Haddon. The River Lathkill is the one that generally disappears down to a trickle in good weather summers. For this route we really just need some good evidence of folk simply using the lane, whatever the time period. The video shows the route to remind you of what we might lose;

Again, please initially contact our Team for a form and guidance; ue_derbyshire@glass-uk.org

Thanks, your patience is appreciated.







Posted 29th July 2019


I don't know if you have seen through other media sources but DCC are proposing to classify the whole of Broadway Lane and Bultor Lane as Bridleway. The route is often used to link the areas around Millers Dale, Taddington and Brushfield together. There are other lanes in the area that we previously lost access to through NERC to become Restricted Byways.

We might have a chance to claim Presumed Dedication of vehicular rights if we could show at Public Inquiry that sufficient folk rode or drove the route "unchallenged" from the 1980's.

Please write a letter of Objection to DCC and if possible provide evidence of use. This proposal has come about because of a Definitive Map Modification Order claim raised some years ago, it has nothing to do with previous discriminatory DCC & PDNPA TRO's nor the separate route from Brushfield over to Monsal Dale via Putwell Hill (lost under a similar Order for classification).





Posted 24th June 2019

Jacob’s Ladder, Stoney Middleton. 

DCC chose to review this issue at its Committee Meeting, Wednesday last, 19th June 2019. The DCC Officer’s recommendation was to apply a TRO banning all recreational vehicles. Despite our opposition (recorded) plus that of PDVUG, GLASS, APTR and the TRF, an 88% rejection at the online Consultation, the final decision imposed by the Chairman, without any discussion with his Members, was to apply a full motorised TRO on the route. The date will need to be advertised accordingly.

 We shall have to wait for the final documentation to be published before any further action can be considered.



Posted 15th June 2019


Greetings, (but potentially as the bringer of bad news)

For information only at this stage I write to let you know that the next meeting of DCC’s Cabinet Members for Highways is scheduled for the 19th June (next Wednesday) in Committee Room 3, County Hall, Matlock at 11.00am. 

https://democracy.derbyshire.gov.uk/ieL ... =279&Ver=4

On the agenda at item 4(d) is the TRO for Jacob’s Ladder in Stoney Middleton. The DCC report to the Cabinet Members is attached, and it recommends a full-time permanent TRO. I had expected a public inquiry but this has been ruled out on the grounds of delay and cost to the public purse of up to £20,000.

PDVUG and no doubt GLASS and the TRF will be watching.




Posted 8th June 2019

From ACU Headquarters June 3rd 2019

Illegal Riding

 In recent weeks we have received the disappointing news that due to issues with illegal riding, the organisers of the Powys Enduro have been forced to cancel the event as a result of withdrawal of permission to use the Dyfi Forest. We are also aware that land used for the Scottish Six Days Trial is under threat due to the same problem, plus we have received reports from other parts of the country who have either lost land or are close to losing it.

 The ACU would like to make it clear that the use of Natural Resources Wales (NRW)  or Forestry Commission land is strictly controlled and their woods are not a playground for you,  likewise permission is needed to ride on open hills etc ;the length and breadth of the country.

 Unless the land you intend to ride on is a lawful right of ways or you have specific permission from the landowner you are not allowed to use these areas, your mate down the pub saying it’s OK isn’t considered permission!

The NRW and Forest Commission are taking steps to prevent illegal use and in conjunction with the Police will prosecute anyone caught, you have been warned.

 The ACU have already taken action against any licence holders who are caught and will not hesitate to do so in the future.

 There are plenty of events you can enter to use you bike legally including numerous practice tracks if you want something less organised. Please, if you are a licence holder, ride responsibly and discourage others if you know they are illegally riding, it’s your events which they are putting at risk!!

 A wise man once said it’s not the environmentalists and authorities that will kill motorcycle sport, it will be the sport itself. They could be right - it’s in your hands!

Posted 25th April 2019

Greetings folks,

Following on from last year's successful event just a quick note to invite you to the next ‘Open Day Meeting’ of PDVUG. Again to be held in the Function room at the Eyre Arms, Calver Cross Roads, Saturday April 27th. 12:30 to 17:00.

You are most welcome to drop in and have a chat, particularly about the Peak District. The event is open to all motorised users, especially those with an interest in the Peak District National Park area.

GLASS and Local Access Forum members will be on hand to provide guidance and information about the local green lane network, plus answering questions about Trail Wise 2.



Posted 4th April 2019


You may not previously been aware of this group which has recently been set up in conjunction with Kirklees Council with the sole aim to collectively assist them with the repair to and future maintenance of an old road, now used as a Green Lane. It is just outside of Holmfirth and over the years has suffered the ravages of weather, excessive water erosion and the all too often lack of regular maintenance.

The Group of amalgamated interest user groups met last evening for its third meeting. There are representatives of horse riders, local residents, farmers, land owners, 4X4, motorcyclists, mountain bike riders, ramblers, local historians, folk with mobility problems, in fact anybody who is willing to work together to find consensus solutions to a common problem. Personally, I was very impressed by the positive attitude and atmosphere of all who attended.

We formed our Constitution and filled the Posts of Chairwoman and Treasurer but unfortunately not a Secretary to record the meetings. 
Now,  this is where you or somebody you might know could be able to help us by becoming the person to fulfil that role. It should not become an onerous task but it is an important one. We propose to meet around four times a year as a main body at Holmfirth and to communicate via emails, small individual task orientated teams, plus a dedicated Facebook website;


Our next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday 8th May 7pm.

Could you be the person to fill this role?? We would be very grateful if you could.






Posted 26th January 2019


Folks, this brief note is to update you about a positive initiative from Kirklees Council to arrange a joint operation to maintain a "green lane" which over recent years has fallen into disrepair.

An information seeking type of meeting was held a few days ago and it has been agreed to form a collective of interested parties. I have asked that we be added to that list.

I hope that this will be a positive step towards a collective body working together despite some differences to the benefit of all who simply wish to respectfully avail themselves of the countryside.



Posted 29th October 2018



Thanks to those who popped in to the PDVUG Open Day to say “hello”, despite the sleet and snow flurry late morning.

The lucky winner of the Prize Draw was Steven, he is already a Member of GLASS so he will have his renewal paid for.

I think that the new Trailwise2 created most interest although there were some questions about past and potential lane closures. I hope that we were able to answer the questions.






Posted 19th October 2018

Do you want to protect your rights to ride and drive green lanes?

The Peak and Derbyshire Vehicle User Group invite you to find out more about what they do by visiting a free 'Open Day' at the Eyre Arms, Calver, S32 3XH, between 12:30pm and 5:00pm on Saturday 27 th  October.

Posted 2nd October 2018

We are coming very close to the last minute to OBJECT to the proposed TRO on Jacobs Ladder.

Your fresh OBJECTION must be completed before Friday 5th October 2018 and we really do need everybody to get involved. The anti motorists will be pulling out every body they can to complete the survey and we must do the same.

There is no controversy over the legality of this BOAT only our RIGHT to use the lane brought by the selfish people who do not want to share the countryside.

Here again is the link;




Posted 20th September 2018

Greetings all,

I understand that the antis have recently 'up'd' their game by printing leaflets and are sending them to residents around the Stoney Middleton area (and no doubt beyond too). They are massing their numbers against us and if they run true to form no doubt they will secure a high vote in support of their proposed Traffic Regulation Order.

If we want to keep this byway open then we too must ensure that a high number of folks object to the proposal. It is essential therefore that we muster as many folk as we can to complete the online consultation. It does not take long to complete the survey, the comment boxes are relatively short so gather your thoughts together, be polite and brief.

Remember that this route is a byway for all users. There are eight designated footpaths in the immediate area for walkers to use, Restricted Byways plus a variety of bridleways for horse riders. If others do not want to share with we few motorists then they have plenty of options available to them. The average non motorist is not against us as was proven by the original consultation.

To the single proposal of a TRO there are many alternatives which could include any of the following ideas such as; not to impose a TRO but to repair the results of water erosion, to maintain the route as a BOAT; adoption of the route for local additional voluntary repair and maintenance as required and proposed by PDVUG; if really concerned about vehicle width then perhaps introduce a uni-directional flow of vehicles; introduce a system of winter seasonal 4X4 Voluntary Restraint; a winter seasonal TRO of 4X4 vehicles to additionally protect the environment and character; a winter seasonal VR restricting all motor vehicle access in consultation with PDVUG; GLASS and the TRF; restriction of all vehicles on Sundays and Bank Holidays; introduction of a permit access system similar to that as applied by other Highway Authorities. If the road was cleared of debris and overgrown vegetation there would be plenty of access width. You may well have your own priorities, superior to my example ideas.

I have completed my own personal consultation and submitted a written Objection on behalf of Manchester 17 MCC.

This is a public road and we should keep it open to motorists. You do not need to live in Derbyshire nor even ride the route regularly, but we do need your support now before the time runs out. Please complete the survey at; http://www.derbyshire.gov.uk/consultations



Posted 23rd May 2018

Greetings folks,

You may have heard or read on other websites that DCC has been pressurised into proposing to restrict all recreational motorised use by imposing a Traffic Regulation Order on Jacobs Ladder, Stoney Middleton.

There is no argument that the route is of BOAT status and that with no current TRO in force we may legally ride it. The crux of the matter is that there are some selfish folk out there who simply want to remove our hobby from existence. I am not making excuses for DCC but they have been forced into this situation by the shear volume of anti motorists availing themselves of the Consultation process instigated by the ignorance, greed or selfish ambitions of just a few. The route is not, as claimed by some, damaged by motorists but entirely by a lack of maintenance on the part of the HA. We have offered to work with the Authorities on many aspects of future maintenance and management of this and similar routes but so far to no avail.

If we are to retain our Rights then we must take respectful action with our colleagues and participate in the Consultation process. There is no requirement for you to live locally nor to have ridden or to be riding the route, it is simply a fact that by shear volume we must OPPOSE the proposed TRO.

As a matter of fact according to the current DCC mapping portal there are 6 designated footpaths in the immediate vicinity of the one subject BOAT route.

Please email or write to DCC and recommend that they do not proceed with the proposal but that they work with us to find a consensus solution. If you choose to respond to the online questionnaire please ensure that you state that you are Opposing the proposal;






Wetton. Posted 4th April 2018

As many of you will know the PDNPA has opened communication lines for public consultation regarding the little route at Wetton, often referred to as the “Manifold Valley route”. PDVUG is of the combined view that because of the specific circumstances of this route we could be prepared to support a proportionate Voluntary and/or seasonal TRO during the wettest months of each year. PDVUG has repeated its offer to assist the Authorities with maintenance to prevent any reoccurring deterioration of the surface.

Now you can and should have your say to the PDNPA's consultation, making it clear that you are an INDIVIDUAL and that you are OBJECTING to the Authority's proposals for a full time TRO. Please encourage your colleagues to do the same. Highlight that with only limited numbers of motorcyclists recorded as using the route annually then with suitable maintenance and a possible winter VR there is no need to impose a TRO of any description.

Full details of which are on the PDNPA  web site which you can contact directly using their online system by clicking the button at the bottom of their web page http://consult.peakdistrict.gov.uk/details.cfm?TROID=11 or you could write to; Rights of Way, Aldern House, Baslow Road, Bakewell, Derbyshire DE45 1AE.

GLASS, PDVUG and I have already responded as organisations under the previous step in the consultation process. Now we will be reinforcing our case during this public stage and your recording a simple OBJECTION to the proposal would help add weight to our argument.

Your personal OBJECTIONS must be received by the Authority no later than 5pm on Friday 6 April 2018. So, time to act now or we may loose our right to ride this iconic route.

Back Lane, Darley Dale.

The other day I received my copy of the Interim report recording the Inspector's interim decision on this Order, dated 22 March 2018, proposing that the whole route A-B-C be classified as a BOAT. 

This is only an interim decision and not yet final, although the Inspector has proposed a modification to the order it will still have to be publicly advertised before a final decision can be made and the status confirmed. Once the proposed decision is ratified we might have a chance to smile.

An electronic version of the Back Lane decision will shortly appear on the Inspectorate's web site here - https://www.gov.uk/.../rights-of-way-order-information...

Please continue to treat this route with suitable respect and speed as it passes close to homes, farms and where children might be playing.





Posted 2nd March 2018:

Greetings folks,

Just a quick note to let you know that your representatives from PDVUG attended the Derbyshire CC Committee meeting, Monday last, at which the Committee accepted the Officers’ Report agreeing that the route which many of us commonly refer to as ‘Excelsior’ should be recorded as a Byway Open to All Traffic.

The route does not actually have a name, as you know, it simply connects between New Road, Eyam, B6521 and the Calver Grindleford B6001.

The ‘opposition’ claimed that the Committee would not be the final arbitrators and that when the route is formally classed as BOAT status they would object, thereby forcing a Public Inquiry. There was some debate about the start date for User Evidence, more of which may be required in the future presuming that a PI will be called. I will let you know more details in due course but that could be many months off yet.

A big "Thank you" to all of you who had already presented User Evidence to DCC.



Posted 25th February 2018:

Click on above for a .pdf A4 size version

Posted 10th February 2018:

8 Feb 2018

New Road, Eyam. B6521.

Here is your update regarding New Road, Eyam, connecting over the hill to Grindleford. The route over many months has had to be closed to heavy traffic because of a land slide of the supporting banking. The DCC HA is going to apply a Traffic Regulation Order for Temporary Closure to prohibit motorised vehicles however at Committee they recently agreed, against Opposition, to permit an exemption for solo motorcyclists. As promised my contact at DCC kindly 'phoned me this afternoon to confirm that the paperwork is progressing and that when finalised I will be sent a copy. It was confirmed that it is fine for us to ride the 'narrowed' section but speed and noise must be restricted to prevent further Objections to the exemption. I agreed that the courtesy of giving pedestrians and non motorised users precedence is a given option by all responsible riders. TTFN.



1 Feb 2018

New Lane, Eyam, TTRO

"Great news, hot off the press.    This morning PDVUG attended the DCC Highways, Transport and Infrastructure Meeting at which the Temporary TRO placed upon New Lane, Eyam was discussed. I am pleased to report that following requests specifically by PDVUG, GLASS and Manchester 17 MCC the Committee decided, against opposition, in favour of permitting an exemption for use by solo motorcycles. However, we will need to prove that we respect their investment by showing suitable consideration to the residents and other users. I am of course referring specifically to speed, noise and simple common courtesies. The route will be narrow so subject to a nominal speed restraint and it will be monitored for safety. The exemption is expected to come into force around Saturday 10th February 2018 so please allow a week to pass before venturing up there.  It is now up to us to prove our worth if we want to try and keep lanes open in the Peak District. TTFN"

A few words from Mr P:

The Nations National Parks including The Peak District Nation Park must not be allowed to become the stage for a simple minded plan “for quiet enjoyment” at the cost of the loss of rights, culture, heritage and all those things that added together made them what they are. They are wonderful places not only because of what they look like but because of what can be done there. There is space for everyone to enjoy the parks in their own way and we must not let self-interested groups impose their prejudice on the rest of us. Our national parks are for everyone not just those who want to put a pair of hiking boots and moan at everyone else they come across or those who want to sit and fall asleep looking at a landscape that no longer reflects what made it the way it is.

We, YOU YES – YOU, me and everyone who wants to continue to enjoy our National Parks and, the Peak District in particular, in our way have to stand up NOW and stop the prejudiced Peak District National Park Authority acting to wipe out the rights our fathers enjoyed and with them the heritage and culture that made the parks what they are. This small band of short sighted authoritarians are busy spending huge amounts of our money responding to the completely unjustified demands of well-funded selfish pressure groups to extinguish our rights simply because we are motorcyclists. That is prejudice. And just like everywhere everyone has the responsibility to stand up against it. If we were a religious or racial group we would have been protected against these people – as it is we have to stand up for ourselves. Let’s do just that NOW.


Abbreviations, Initialisms and Acronyms:

BOAT = Byway open to all traffic

TRF = Trail Riders Fellowship (this is the group that we most strongly recommend you join and to support)

LARA = Land Access & Recreation Association (these are the real ROW experts, there is no one better even in government)

LoS = List of streets taken off the definitive  map

UEF = User evidence form

PDNPA= Peak District National Park Authority

DCC = Derbyshire County Council

TRO = Traffic restriction order

PDVUG = Peak & Derbyshire Vehicle User Group

GLASS = Green Lane Association